Q:  We hear that you cannot bring your own meat. Is this true? Bringing food, what is the situation with local spaza options

A:  There is a ban on imported meat. It is on import for resale.  You are allowed to take 10kg per person as long as it is vacuum packed.

You can buy meat in Maxixe at Taurus +258 29 330 514 or from GD Butcher +258 84 641 2777 if you do not want to bring your own


There are local markets in Massinga where you can purchase food. The locals also do come around to sell their produce.


Q:  Is there any small shop nearby in Pomene to get basic stuff such as water, milk, eggs, and beer or do you recommend            bringing everything for self-catering?

A:  You can buy the cooldrinks and beers from Handling in most of the small towns.  We do not have a shop in Pomene so you will have to        buy the stuff from Massinga or Maxixe and bring it with.  We do bake fresh bread at the lodge which you can purchase from us.


Q:  Will you please confirm the safety equipment requirements for Mozambique?  My boat is registered as Category E. Do I            need any additional safety equipment like safety float ring, boat hook etc?

A:  You need to have your boat's documents e.g. buoyancy certificate, seaworthy certificate, your skippers’ license etc.  and the standard          safety equipment that is needed. You do not need to have the safety float ring, boat hook, etc.


Q:  Is the SA COF adequate for the boat license?

A:  Yes, it is although this does not check most of the time. We are very fortunate to be able to issue the licenses to our clients as with us        being able to do so we save our clients 2400mts on everyone that we issue.


Q:  Boating? Can we bring a small rubber duck, towing? What are the regulations on launch in the lagoon only, no venturing        to the sea?

A:  You can bring a rubber duck.  You will need a boat license, launching license and fishing license which can be purchased at the lodge.          The boat license and launching license is necessary even if you are only going to be on the lagoon/estuary. If you want to fish then            you will have to purchase the fishing licenses too.


Q:  Can I park my boat in the lagoon permanently or must it be taken out every day? Is the estuary mouth open into the                ocean and accessible from PBL in all tides or limited to high tide?

A:  Once you’ve launched your boat then you can leave it in the estuary.  We have buoys that you can moor onto.  The estuary mouth is           open and you launch from the estuary into the sea.


Q:  Towing, how much ‘soft sand’ will I have to tow through?

A:  It is about 27km of soft sand to the lodge and you will need to have a 4 x 4


Q  Electricity situation?

A:  We have generators that run in the morning from 11 am – about 2 pm and then again late afternoon till 10 pm.


Q:  Air conditioning the units? Or just fans?

A:  There are no air conditioners or fans in the units. (There is a breeze most of the time which cools the units down)


Q:  I have a small camping freezer for our frozen food will it be possible to plug it in in the cabin, also your gas freezers do          they really freeze.

A:  Yes, you will be able to plug your camping freezer in the cabin and the gas freezers that we have do freeze properly taking into                    consideration that you do not put stuff in where there is water in the freezer and if you do not open the freezer frequently.


Q:  From Google Earth, my impression is that Paradise Beach Lodge is situated on the “landside” of an extension/tongue of          the mouth with the “main beach” on the other side of this small lagoon. How does one get from the beach in front of the        lodge to the “main beach”?

A:  We are situated on the Northern bank of the Pomene estuary.  From where the units are it is approximately 500 meters across the             estuary to the beachside.   We do have kayaks that you can utilize to row across the estuary to get to the main beach which our                 clients often do. You can also drive around onto the beach with a 4x4 if you would prefer that.


Q:  Do you have Wifi available and which SIM card should I buy for a reception at your lodge?

A:  You must buy a Vodacom sim card.  We do have Wifi but experience reception problems so it is not always working.


Q:  I'm planning a group trip to Pomene to next year, but there is a mandatory condition, scuba diving.  I would like to know        more about this activity, as rates, dive sites and highlights about species.

A:  We have a huge variety of sea life here, larger species include whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, tiger sharks, bull sharks, occasional       white shark, reef sharks, huge green -, leatherback - and loggerhead turtles, too much to mention, some of the most pristine reefs you       will find, we are the only dive operator in this area.


Q:  How long takes the drive up to Pomene from Tofo approximately?

A:  The traveling time from Tofo to the lodge is approximately 3,5 hours.


Q  How far is Pomene Lodge from Paradise Beach Lodge?

A:  +- 2 hours’ drive or you can be taken there by boat which is about 15 minutes’ drive, +- 50 km and about 1½ hours’ drive


Q  Do you keep transport permits to transport fish?

A:  No, but it can be obtained from Linda (the vetkoek aunty)


Q:  Campsites?

A:  Makashula – Geoff – 082 928 3159