Paradise Beach Lodge has Miles of wide empty beaches. It is a water sports enthusiasts Piece of Paradise….

Being situated directly on the Pomene Estuary should you be a keen angler with your own Boat or Jet Ski; they are launched the day you arrive and only taken out the day you leave. No launching daily and no surf launch. Our staff will take care of your boat while moored in the Estuary in front of the units, helping to keep it clean, refuelled and help load supplies daily.

Deep Sea Fishing & Charters

Pomene will test any top anglers skills and there tackle. The best Fishing to be had is between October and June, although record kingfish have been landed in September. Species likely to be encountered are King and Queen mackerel, Queen Fish, Wahoo, King Fish, Bonito, Dog Tooth and Yellowfin Tuna, Ambacor, Pick Handle and True Barracuda and Dorado with Bill Fish being landed during the summer months. Guests can charter a fully equipped lodge boat with an experienced skipper. Details like bait and tackle are taken care of on board the charter.

Fly Fishing

Warm water currents bring game fish right inshore and large Kingfish (Trevally), Bonito, Queen Fish and many others can be caught on fly from the beach and from boats drifting close inshore. There are some very shallow reefs from 44m to 6m, which produces all your game species and is ideal for the fly-fishing enthusiast.

Rock and Surf Angling

Pomene North Bank has kilometres and kilometres of productive fishing beaches that await you, whether you are spooning, plugging, drop shotting or throwing Bait. Cuta, snoek, many a kingfish (GT, Ignobolis, bluefin, big eye), stump nose, lemon sharks, blacktip reef sharks, blackfin, duckbill, brown skates, sand sharks, pompano, to name just a few being landed.