Paradise Beach Lodge with its awesome setting is never short of activities catering for the whole family ......................... be it diving or or surfing, snorkelling or kite surfing or a little bit of kayaking or wind surfing..........Pomene lends itself to all of this and more!

Diving and Snorkeling

Pomene is considered one of the top five Dive Sites in the world. Shallow and deepwater reefs reveal leatherback turtles, sailfish and manta rays. Within 22km’s we have 12 regular dive sites and the lodge can arrange for you to dive with one of the local schools.

While Snorkeling our guest have had sightings of the famous sea horses, you are sure to be confronted with schools of juvenile fish, many cuttlefish, tons of small kingies, and this is all in not too deep water.

Kite Surfing and Surfing

The long white sand banks and beaches within the Pomene Bay and Estuary and consistent wind offers perfect Kite Surfing conditions, it is one of the best-kept secrets.

For Surfers the beach at Pomene has some ideal wave sets and can be enjoyed by all. During certain periods, the waves are said to rival anything available at top surf spots.

Old Hotel Exploration

The Pomene Hotel was abandoned in 1974 during the civil war and has never been rebuilt. The ruins are still standing and you should not miss and a trip to explore this. It is a full days outing and visits one of the most beautiful bays with blowholes and large rock pools and should not be missed.

Pansy Island

Although named a shell, the Pansy Shell is not a shell at all, but in fact, a living organism that having the best of both worlds is born as a male, and later transforms into a female enabling it to further the species. The fragile Pansy shells are ties of Sea Urchins, with flattened, irregular shells, which live buried in the sand. In the Estuary, we have a sandbank that is home to hundreds of these unique and beautiful shells.